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The Aviation

The Aviation is a pre-prohibition cocktail created by Hugo Ensslin at the Hotel Wallick in NYC, most likely in decade following the first flight with its first publication in 1917. The lavender-blue hue provides the unique opportunity to look into the wild blue yonder as one imbibes. I imagine that Hugo desired to give patrons a sense of flight and what the view from a airplane must be like.

This is our version of the cocktail, using Hugo's recipe with the inclusion of Crème de Violette, not once, but twice. Please take an opportunity to try this one, it is a favorite of the Aviator's Den and we believe it will become a go to for you as well. Check out our instructional video here.

1/4 oz Crème de Violette - Rinse the glass

2 oz Gin

3/4 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

1/2 oz Luxardo Maraschino Cherry Liquor

1/4 oz Crème de Violette

1-2 teaspoon Simple Syrup

Shake ingredients and double strain into a cocktail glass. Enjoy!

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